Written by Muslichul Umam

Bismillaahirrohman nirrohim,

In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and Merciful.

“Innamal a’malu Binniyat, wa innama likullimri in Maanawa”. It means, “Actually, every action was depend on the intention (autosuggestion), and indeed (be) for each person what he intended (he suggested).”

As more and more questions from visitors to this blog on how to stop addictions. And also the fact that that many visitors who come to this blog via search engines (Google, etc.) with keyword of “rehabilitation”, the author (admin) wants to share a new way on how to stop taking addictive drugs (rehablitation). At first, the author hope to find articles on how to stop addiction through Google search engine, but never found an article that discusses this new approach. The author/ I believes on this therapy and it is worthwhile to publish it in this post.. The author named this therapy ” BINNIYAT MAANAWA THERAPY (BMT).” It is inspired from the Hadith Moslem that underlies this method (for details, will be disclosed at the end of this post).In essence, BINNIYAT MAANAWA THERAPY (BMT) contains several prequisites:

1. Intention

Intention is the key. It is what we need the most for the therapy to succeed. Innamal a’malu binniyyat, such as the hadith says that actually, every action was depending on the intention. If the intention is good, God will help. Thankfully, if you have intention to quit from taking drugs. That’s is all we need as thefirst step.

2. Willpower

Willpower or determination has higher level than intention, because a will is a serious intention. Willingness means that we want to implement what we intended with real action. Not only lip service, but also applied in action. If you have reached this stage I’m sure the next process will be easier. such wise man says, ” IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY .”

3. Consistent (Istiqomah)

This means that we will always remain firm (istiqomah) to pertain our will power (to stop taking addictive drugs), for no matter obstacle we might encounter. How this obstacle may appear? For example there are an urge in yourself to consume the drugs again or inducement from other person in any ways then you remain consistent to your will to stop your addiction with all your heart .. Even in turn you may be allienated and experienced an unbearable physical suffering due to addiction. Well, at the time of this process you will need encouragement and support from relatives , spouse or girl/boyfriend. to keep an eye on yourprogress. The process is tough in the healing process, because in this stage usually came endless temptation for using these drugs.

4. AutoSuggestion

AutoSuggestion is an encouragement that comes from outside of ourself to form and influence our subconscious that gives the effect of a stimulant into the subconscious to respond to such encouragement. The response from the subconscious can be positive or negative. Auto suggestion can take several forms such as:words, a comfortable atmosphere/surrounding , fragrances, the placebo effects of drugs and so many other things. So, how the application of autosuggestion in a rehabilitation of a drug addicts? I can describe as follows, first you already had the intention and willpower to quit from the addiction then doctrinize your mind with these thought:

• In the morning, preferably when you wake up, speak orally and / or silently (as much as possible, at least 7 times respectively) the following words,

– I can stop taking addictive drugs

– I can stay away from fellow addicts

– Alqowiyyu (God is Strong)

– Arrohman Arrohim (God Most Gracious, Most Merciful Lord)

– Etc, you can add your own positive words

• At the time of experienced an unbearable physical suffering due to addiction (withdrawal symptoms)

– Sit with crosslegged or any position that can makes you relaxed and comfortable

– Place a cotton with drops of aromatherapy oils (flavor of lavender, lemon balm, chamomile or geranium) a few inches near the fan or air conditioning chamber. The aroma will fills the airand you need to inhale/exhale patiently. . This process is a process of relaxation.

– Rub the back of your ears (right hand on right ear and left hand on left ear) and press the nerve spot behind the ear, near the bottom, then moves in small circles. (right hand on right ear and left hand on left ear using the middle finger). The Nerve point located in the back of your ears represents the balance ability, if you press this point you will feel dizzyness and stomach ache so that it appears the desire to vomit. Then when the urge to vomit emerge try to vomit After vomiting then all the toxic vested in your body will be cleared..

– Say orally and / or silently (as much as possible, at least 7 times respectively) the following words,

– Drug is evil

– drugs is unforgiven sin

– Drugs can destroy our body

– Drugs can destroy family

– Drugs is death

– Drugs can imprisonment

– Drugs can be make you bankrupt

– Etc, you can add your own negative words about drugs

• Involvement of medication treatment by doctors, religious scholars, therapists, or psychiatrists

If you follow a rehabilitation procedures recommended by doctors, religious teachers / religious scholars, therapists, or psychiatrists, then rest assured WITH absolute convinction to the truth, benefits, and the success of the therapy. Try to pronounce the following words, “I believe I can recover in this way” repeatedly.

• And at other times, when you need inner strength, you can add or modify own your own words to embed suggestions into your subconscious.

Remember, this Auto suggestion technique is to say each of the autosuggestion words and sentence as frequent as possible, it is not to say all of the words or sentences all together as frequent as possible.
This autosuggestion seems trivial. But I think this is the most important phase the healing process or rehabilitation. Because in this stage is the essence of the successness of a healing process, especially in helping a drug addicts to overcome the urge to consume drugs again.

5. Involve other parties.

To keep consistent in your rehabilitation, inevitably it will require the help of other parties such as family, boyfriend, doctor, psychiatrist, or rehabilatator. These parties will observe your every action and help to avoid things that are not desirable, especially when you get the urge to consume the drugs and act unconsiously.

6. Stay away from the drugs environment or friends who are addicts or drugs dealer.

Even when you have tried the hardest effort to undergo a rehabilitation, it would be useless if you still interact with the drugs environment or a drug addict friends. Because, it is not possible that you will be tempted, seduce or even forced to consume the drugs again. Family, spouse, boy/girlfriends, doctors can not be watching you continuously for 24 hours so the possibility is open. So, think a million times to keep hanging out with friends addict if you really want to stop your addictions.

7. Pray and get intimate with God

For Allah is very close to those who come near. God is also always open the door for people who want to repent. May God always give us the strength to face all trials. Rest assured that God gives us trials, because we can endure these trials.

BINNIYAT MAANAWA THERAPY hopefully can help those of you who want to stop using drugs. I believe that addicts do not need a fatwa, advice or suggestions from anyone about the dangers of drugs, because I’m sure they already know (if not resistant). I mean, we need a real therapy that help a drug addicts to stop consume drugs, not just a tools to frighten and told the dangers of drugs, but the most important is to vested the willingness on the drug addicts to quit. Wherever we try to rehabilitated the drug addicts (especially for the family) may not be successful if there is no willingness to be cured of the drug addicts himself.

In essence, “Innamal a’malu binniyat, wa innama likullimri in maanawa”. That is, “the real action was depending his intention (and / or autosuggestions), and indeed (be) for each person what he intended (he suggested).” If addicts feel confident that he can stop, then he would have successfully quit the addiction. And conversely, when he hesitated, then he will not succeed “. This is the reason why this therapy the author called” BINNIYAT MAANAWA THERAPY (BMT) “, which if taken literally means” With Intention (autosuggestion), Be What was intended (suggested) “. Finally, everything if we want success then surely require sacrifice.

Surabaya, 14 April 2011



For those of you who think this paper is useful and intended to distribute or copy-paste into your blog or website, you are obliged to keep lists the author and source. Because we need to recognize and appreciate an intellectual property which is beyond money terms

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